Maxwell’s Flame by M.J. Trow

Read by…………….. Peter Wickham
Total Runtime………. 8 hours 17 mins

Description: Peter Maxwell didn’t want to attend the GNVQ (a certificate of vocational education in the UK) course. He didn’t want to get mixed up in murder either – but perhaps it was all part of death’s rich tapestry. And while a disparate gathering of teachers was breaking ice upstairs at the Carnforth Centre, someone else was in the basement – breaking skulls. But what the killer couldn’t have foreseen was that one of the victims was an old flame of Maxwell’s. So now it was personal. And when “Mad Max” takes something personally, he doesn’t get madder, he gets results.

This was so wall-to-wall smart-mouth that I had a troubling thought:

What if all the real life teachers use this impenetrable wall of smart-mouthed wordplays so that kids have no-one they can honestly trust or talk to.

Anyway, I enjoyed this second book in the series.

4* Maxwell’s House
3.5* Maxwell’s Flame

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