Saint Mazie by Jami Attenberg

bookshelves: summer-2015, music, published-2015, radio-4, cover-love, new-york

Recommended for: BBC Radio Listeners
Read from June 08 to 27, 2015

Description: More than 90 years after Mazie Phillips – the proprietress of famed New York City movie theatre, the Venice – began her diary, it is discovered by a documentarian in search of a good story.

So who was Mazie Phillips? Diary extracts, interwoven with voices from past and present, paint a picture of her adventurous life – played out during the Jazz Age, when romance and booze were aplenty. But the Great Depression looms.

1/10: The Phillips girls hit New York. Mazie is unstoppable.

2/10: When Rosie loses another child, Maizie takes up employment in the ticket booth of the Venice Theatre

3/10: Nancie’s children are starving and Maizie tries to help but there are serious consequencies.

4/10: Mazie’s life is changed forever when she meets the Captain.

5/10: When disaster strikes again a new start beckons on Coney Island. Jeannie has other plans.

6/10: Maizie steps in when things get out of hand after the Wall St bombings.

7/10: Louie gives the Venice to Maizie but just where does his money come from?

8/10: Maizie has to take control when grief threatens to engulf Rosie. Then tragedy strikes again.

9/10: New York is hit by depression and Maizie has her work cut out.

10/10: As Rosie and Maizie finally settle, events take an unexpected and joyous turn.

Written by Jami Attenberg – author of a story collection, Instant Love, and three novels, The Kept Man, The Melting Season, and The Middlesteins, which was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Fiction. She has also contributed essays and criticism to The New York Times, Real Simple, Elle, The Washington Post, and many other publications. Jami lives in Brooklyn, New York.


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