Long Summer Day by R.F. Delderfield

1966: A Horseman Riding By (published in the USA as two novels, Long Summer Day and Post of Honor)

Description: Paul Craddock is still young when he is invalided out of the army after the Boer War and he discovers the neglected estate of Shallowford in a secluded corner of Devon. It seems remote from the march of progress. But as storm clouds gather over Europe, Paul learns that no part of England, however remote, can escape the challenge of the times.

Opening: He left the carriage, ascended the short flight of steps and walked briskly past the dozing porter sitting in the deep shade of the portico; a small neat man, in dark, well-cut city clothes and glossy topper.

It’s mid-summer, hailstones ricocheting around, so what better time to crack this open…

Total reboot summer 2015 and am pleased to say it was worth the effort of getting through the front-loaded introductions. This turned into an enjoyable sweeping saga and I look forward to the next episode, ‘Post of Honour’.

TR God Is an Englishman (Swann Saga, #1)
3* To Serve Them All My Days
3* Diana

3.5* Long Summer Day
TR Post of Honour
TR The Green Gauntlet

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