Maxwell’s Curse by M.J. Trow

bookshelves: summer-2015, published-2000, sussex, series, mystery-thriller, cosy, skoolzy-stuff, superstitions, amusing

Read from July 02 to 12, 2015

Read by…………….. Peter Wickham
Total Runtime………. 8 hours 24 mins

Description: 31 December 2000 history teacher Peter ‘Mad Max’ Maxwell sits down to celebrate the Millennium, the proper one, of course. Shortly before 12 o’clock the doorbell rings, and he finds a dead woman on his doorstep. That’s the start of the sixth novel in M.J. Trow’s Maxwell series. The particulars of the case this time points to witchcraft. The background is well-researched, and, like the earlier novels in this series, Maxwell’s Curse is exciting and fun. The unlikely hero of an eccentric history teacher once again picks up the challenge and battles crime.

This is the one with sabre-fencing, diary, and corn-doll. Just a straight three for this one, and a large hope that this is not the series going downhill. Funniest line was about a comb-forward Caesar would die for.

ETA – the description was copy/paste from grramazon and it states that this is the sixth. According to the list this is the fifth.

4* Maxwell’s House
3.5* Maxwell’s Flame
4* Maxwell’s Movie
3.5* Maxwell’s War
3* Maxwell’s Curse
TR Maxwell’s Ride

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