Up Into The Singing Mountain by: Richard Llewellyn

This is the sequel to How Green is My Valley and it starts out with young Huw Morgan traveling to Patagonia to release himself from Bron, whom he so desperately wants but cannot live with together as a couple due to valley ethics of not loving a brother’s widow. Promptly upon landing in Argentina he comes face to face with bigotry, cruelty and hypocrisy that he had hoped had been left back in the valleys.It is a view into the lives of Welsh émigrés to Patagonia along the lines of the Swedish émigrés to Minnesota as captured by Moberg but with none of the sparkle; it was hard to keep on with the read. Let’s hope the third installment of the saga will be more enthralling; Down where the Moon is Small is on my TBR pile though it will be a while before I feel brave enough to open the pages.