In the Nick of Time: John Rebus vs. Roy Grace


Full film here

Description: Detectives John Rebus and Roy Grace could not be more different. Different generations, different backgrounds, and not to mention, they work 500 miles apart.

The case that eventually brings them together centers on a crime that happened when Rebus was just a teenager in the 1960s—but it took place in Roy Grace’s stomping grounds in Brighton, England, at a time when violence erupted between rival gangs known as Mods and Rockers.

Now, a deathbed confession in in Edinburgh brings Rebus and Grace together to investigate a cold case with a shocking twist.

Opening: His name was James King and he had something to confess. His wife was waiting for Rebus in the hospital corridor. She led him to the bedside without saying much, other than her husband had “only a week or two, maybe less.”

After a busy year of murders, things have calmed down and Grace is back looking at cold-cases when Potting receives a call from a certain Siobhan Clarke from Edinburgh…

But a man’s reach
should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for?”

Damn but I wish this was a full novel of Rebus/Grace collaboration.

Brighton 1964

3* Knots and Crosses (Inspector Rebus, #1)
3* Hide and Seek (Inspector Rebus, #2)
4* Tooth and Nail (Inspector Rebus, #3)
3* Strip Jack (Inspector Rebus, #4)
3* The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, #5)
3* Mortal Causes (Inspector Rebus, #6)
3* Let It Bleed (Inspector Rebus, #7)
3* Black and Blue (Inspector Rebus, #8)
3* The Hanging Garden (Inspector Rebus, #9)
3* Dead Souls (Inspector Rebus, #10)
2* Death Is Not the End (Inspector Rebus, #10.5)
3* Set in Darkness (Inspector Rebus, #11)
4* The Falls (Inspector Rebus, #12)
4* Resurrection Men (Inspector Rebus, #13)
4* A Question of Blood (Inspector Rebus, #14)
4* Fleshmarket Close (Inspector Rebus, #15)
4* The Naming of the Dead (Inspector Rebus, #16)
4* Exit Music (Inspector Rebus, #17)
5* Standing in Another Man’s Grave (Inspector Rebus, #18)
4* Saints of the Shadow Bible (Inspector Rebus, #19)
TR Even Dogs in the Wild (Inspector Rebus, #20)
3* In the Nick of Time: John Rebus vs. Roy Grace
4* A Good Hanging: Short Stories
2* Beggars Banquet

4* The Complaints
4* The Impossible Dead

4* Dead Simple (Roy Grace, #1)
4* Looking Good Dead (Roy Grace, #2)
4* Not Dead Enough (Roy Grace, #3)
4* Dead Man’s Footsteps (Roy Grace, #4)
4* Dead Tomorrow (Roy Grace, #5)
3* Dead Like You (Roy Grace, #6)
3* Dead Man’s Grip (Roy Grace, #7)
3* Not Dead Yet (Roy Grace, #8)
4* Dead Man’s Time (Roy Grace, #9)
3* Want You Dead
4* You Are Dead (Roy Grace, #11)

3* The Perfect Murder


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