Ark Baby by Liz Jensen


Description: Bobby Sullivan changes his name and flees London after killing a monkey. He sets up his veterinary service in a northern coastal town. Here he finds that Tobias Phelps, ghost and erstwhile Victorian freak, is haunting the town.

Opening: In the beginning, the ocean.

So after primate euthanasia, away we go to Northumberland and the fishing village of Thunder Spit…

In the latest review removals by grramazon (yesterday, day before) I wonder if it is safe to talk about the author, yet since when have I been a cowardy custard, eh!?:

Jensen is a very funny person, not droll or quietly ‘soft-finger-prod’ satiric, just outright loudly funny. At times she has more Monty Python in her word processor than Monty Python’s Flying circus ever dreamt of. Yet I do wonder if such humour stands the test of time, do the youngsters like such zanyness nowadays? Of course I do, I am from the era under the microscope here.

I really cry-laughed at the Montgolfier over Victorian London sections…

elvis presley blue suede shoes
elvis presley – its now or never (1960)
Elvis Presley Love Me Tender
Elvis Presley – Rock-a-hula baby.
The Boomtown Rats – Rat Trap

3* Ark Baby
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4* The Uninvited
4* The Rapture
2* My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time
4* The Paper Eater
4* Egg Dancing


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