The Outrun by Amy Liptrot



Description: Amy Liptrot’s incisive memoir of overcoming alcoholism amid the luminous Orkney landscape.

Liptrot grew up on a sheep farm on Orkney. She was shaped by the wind-swept islands, but longed for the excitement of the city. A move to London led to a life that was hedonistic and fun but she was unable to control her drinking. Her alcoholism exposed her to some terrifying situations and left her lost and lonely. At thirty she finds herself washed up back home in Orkney, and discovers that this place she once longed to escape is curative, its wildness and lore playing an essential part in her recovery from addiction.

Episode 1/5: Amy finds herself washed up and back home.

2/5: Back from the Brink: after hitting rock bottom in London Amy seeks treatment before the Orkney lambing season.

3/5: The Corncrake Wife: a job with the RSPB sees Amy scouring the islands nightly, listening for rare Corncrakes.

4/5: Rose Cottage: Amy has moved to tiny Papa Westray, one of the smallest inhabited Orkney islands.

5/5: Personal Geology: examining the fault lines bisecting her life, Amy questions why she became an alcoholic.


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