El Cid by Pierre Corneille, Ranjit Bolt (Translator)

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Recommended to Bettie☯ by: Laura
Recommended for: BBC Radio Listeners
Read from January 12 to 19, 2016



Description: The story of the 11th century Spanish hero before his rise to fame. Rodrigo is a charming young courtier who plans to marry Ximene. But when her father, the chief general in the King’s army, insults Rodrigo’s father, he promptly finds himself challenged by Rodrigo to a duel. The young suitor, inexperienced in warfare, knows that if he loses he dies. But also that if he wins he loses Ximene. Pierre Corneille’s famous play examines the complex moral and emotional dilemmas faced by the legendary champion-to-be, and his intended.

Translated and adapted by Ranjit Bolt

Don Rodrigo James Purefoy
Ximena Indira Varma
Elvira Eleanor Bron
Dona Urraca Gina McKee
Don Diego David Calder
Don Gormas Ewan Bailey
Don Fernando Stephen Thorne
Don Sancho Chris Pavlo
Leonora Amelia Lowdell
Don Arias Gerard McDermott
Page Gary Podmore


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