Stealing the Future: An East German Spy Thriller (East Berlin Series Book 1) by Max Hertzberg

bookshelves: winter-20152016, e-book, spies, published-2015, cold-war, germany-berlin, historical-masturbation

Recommended to Bettie☯ by: Manchester Military History Society (MMHS)
Recommended for: Laura, Wanda et al
Read from January 08 to 09, 2016


Description: 1993: Behind the Berlin Wall, dissident turned investigator Martin Grobe is on the trail of a killer—but is there something bigger at stake?

After forty years of dictatorship it’s time for change. The 1989 revolution in East Germany led to economic collapse and a failed takeover attempt by the West.

Four years on, the people of East Germany are building a utopian society. But when the crushed body of a prominent politician is found a constitutional crisis erupts—Martin needs to find the links before the young republic breaks up.

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Opening: Sunshine and darkness march across my path, the car diving through bands of light and shade. My eyes are struggling to adjust to the glare flickering through the trees lining the road, but after a few more kilometres of peering through the dusty windscreen I make out a pair of petrol pumps and a prefab hut. The Trabant rumbles across the concrete slabs and the attendant comes out, wiping his hands on his overalls

Uh-oh, first person, present tense opening.

Not my cuppa at this time


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