Body Line by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles


Terry Wale 10 Hours 20 Mins

Description: David Rogers was a doctor, handsome, charming and rich. He lived the lifestyle of a consultant – expensive clothes, top restaurants, exclusive clubs – until someone killed him in the hallway of his lovely million-plus house. Was he killed for passion, professional jealousy, or plain old money? Bill Slider and his firm are thrown into the mystery, but they soon discover that nothing is as it seems, for though David’s girlfriends are plenty, none of them can tell Slider anything about where he worked or exactly what it was he did . . .

How about a return to the comfort-zone after some mind-scarring forays into Teh Crap (Toys by Patterson, and The Heart Goes Last by Atwood). This is a consistently solid series with some modest but pawky humour.

3* Orchestrated Death (1991)
3* Death Watch (1992)
3* Death to Go (1993)
3* Dead End (1994)
3* Blood Lines (1996)
3* Killing Time (1996)
3* Shallow Grave
3* Blood Sinister
2* Gone Tomorrow (2001)
3* Dear Departed (2004)
3* Game Over (2008)
3* Fell Purpose (2009)
3* Body Line


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