The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman



Description: Chilling revenge for a terrible crime is at the heart of Neil Gaiman’s multi-award-winning novelette, inspired by a Hebridean myth and originally commissioned by the Sydney Opera House for the Graphic Festival with celebrated illustrator Eddie Campbell.

Read by Bill Paterson

Cuillan Mountains, Skye

1/5. A dwarf seeks a guide to a certain cave on the Misty Isle.

2/5. The dwarf persuades Callum McInnes to take him to the cave on the Misty Isle.

3/5. The reaver realises the dwarf is not all that he seems

4/5. The dwarf and the reaver reach the cave, where something is waiting.

5/5. The dwarf’s terrible secret is finally revealed.

Great story-telling meshes with my memories of the Cuillins in particular, Skye in general. Yes, the island has been dripping, dank and misty each time I have visited. The King-Over-The-Water referred to must mean Bonnie Prince Charlie, which makes this hist-fic and added Jacobitism

Loved this.

Cam ye o’er frae France

Over the sea to Skye


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