Eye of the Drone (#2 Wild Cats, Around the Globe with Suki & Finch)

Description: Suki and Finch arrive in Moscow on a cold winter’s day. Following a setback they finally travel east to look for Eurasian Lynx and Siberian Tigers. Parts of the Russian forest are being destroyed by illegal logging. Suki and Finch devise a plan to protect the trees – home to the cats and other wild animals. Their activities attract the attention of K-POG, the transnational company who wants global domination of all forests. K-POG has spent billions on surveillance, including satellites and armies of drones. Will Suki and Finch be able to escape detection? Will they be able to continue their quest to protect wild cats and their forest homes? This 8 volume series uses 3D digital characters inserted into stunning hi-res, on-location, pics.

Russian Blue

Donskoy is a furless Russian cat

Eurasian Lynx

Arctic Fox

Siberian tiger

Snow Leopard


Asiatic Golden Cat

Red Panda

Przewalksi wild horses

Mongolian steppe camels

Pallas’s cat

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