Rosamond Lehmann by Selina Hastings


Description: The life of Rosamond Lehmann was as romantic and harrowing as that of any of her fictional heroines. Escaping from a disastrous early marriage, Rosamond moved right into the heart of Bloomsbury society with Wogan Philipps. Later on she would embark on the most important love affair of her life, with the poet Cecil Day Lewis. Nine years later, he abandoned her for a young actress—a betrayal from which she would never recover.

Walter Leslie Runciman (1900-1989) and Rosamond Nina Lehmann. They married in 1923 and divorced 1927

Dora Carrington, Stephen Tomlin and Lytton Strachey

Rosamond and her brother John with Lytton

Ottoline Rosamond and Wogan

After nine years of living together very openly, Cecil dumped Rosamond to marry actress Jill Balcon

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