White Mughals: Love And Betrayal In Eighteenth Century India by William Dalrymple

bookshelves: published-2002, history, india, hardback, paper-read, biography, nonfiction, one-penny-wonder, nonfic-nov-2015, gone-native, bedside

Read from August 25 to November 14, 2015
Description: Conjuring all the sweep of a great nineteenth-century novel, acclaimed author William Dalrymple unearths the fascinating story of the British Resident at the court of the Nizam of Hyderabad, James Kirkpatrick, who in 1798 fell in love with the great-niece of the Hyderabadi prime minister. To marry her, Kirkpatrick converted to Islam and even became a double agent working against the East India Company. Shedding light on the many eccentric Westerners during this period who “turned Turk,” adopting Indian customs, dress, and religions, Darymple brings to life a compelling and largely unwritten story of Britain’s rule over India.

Opening: On 7 November 1801, under conditions of the greatest secrecy, two figures were discreetly admitted to the gardens of Government House in Madras.

501 pages; withdrawn from Hampshire County Libraries. Maps, and photos galore; of wrist-breaking proportions.

5* City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi
4* Nine Lives
5* In Xanadu: A Quest
6* From the Holy Mountain: A Journey among the Christians of the Middle East
5* The Age of Kali: Indian Travels & Encounters
5* Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan
3.5* White Mughals: Love And Betrayal In Eighteenth Century India


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