Field Notes from a Hidden City: An Urban Nature Diary by Esther Woolfson

Description: Against the background of austere and beautiful Aberdeen, Woolfson observes the seasons, the streets and the quiet places of her city over the course of a year.

Opening: It was almost four in the afternoon on one of the oddly quiet days of December. Snow had fallen again, yet another layer to freeze onto the iron-hard strata of thick, packed ice. In less than a month, the city had been turned into a fortress of ice and stone.

I cannot imagine a better book to contrast with A Long Walk in the Himalaya: A Trek from the Ganges to Kashmir. Field Notes is micro, Weare’s tome macro. This is stroll, meander and whimsy; A Long Walk is route march, brisk and purposeful. And I loved both.

Kenneth McKellar – The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen


CR White Mughals
CR A History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts
3* Rome and the Barbarians
4* Field Notes From A Hidden City
3* The King’s Jews: Money, Massacre and Exodus in Medieval England
CR A History of Palestine 634-1099
CR Charlotte Brontë: A Life
3* The Alhambra
CR A Long Walk in the Himalaya: A Trek from the Ganges to Kashmir


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