A Long Walk in the Himalaya: A Trek from the Ganges to Kashmir by Garry Weare

Garry Weare started this trek in 2003 at the age of 55

Description: Weare’s finely rendered story of his five-month trek from the sacred source of the Ganges through the Kullu Valley, Zanskar and Ladakh to his houseboat in Kashmir is remarkably entertaining. The people he meets and travels with are fully-fledged characters that the reader comes to know and care about while the Himalaya, captured in all their variety, cast their spell. It is as if the act of walking allows the author to fully understand all the nuances – spiritual, environmental, social and political – of this inspiring region. A Long Walk in the Himalaya is a book to savour, a book that the reader will return to again and again.

This was love at first page.

Many of my longterm TBRs are non-fiction, so have dedicated a month to attacking some of them; lots are skim read only, however this is written by the non-nonsense, straight-talking writer of The Lonely Planet Guide to the Himalaya. I’m in marvellous hands and I do like his tone…

Himalayan barbet


Mount Shivling

Bharal: Himalayan blue sheep


Tehri Dam

Darwa Pass

Har Ki Dun

Sangla Valley

Kathmandu Valley

Kangchenjunga is the 3rd highest mountain in the world.

Spiti Valley

Carved road, Spiti Valley. You go on without me!

Pin Parbati. I would not cross that bridge.


CR White Mughals
5* A History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts
3* Rome and the Barbarians
4* Field Notes From A Hidden City
3* The King’s Jews: Money, Massacre and Exodus in Medieval England
CR A History of Palestine 634-1099
CR Charlotte Brontë: A Life
3* The Alhambra
5* A Long Walk in the Himalaya: A Trek from the Ganges to Kashmir
3* Buddhist Warfare
4* A Gathering of Spoons
AB A Brief History of Roman Britain – Conquest and Civilization
4* Victorian Glassworlds: Glass Culture and the Imagination, 1830-1880
3* Food Safari
CR She-Wolves


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