Entanglement (Teodor Szacki #1) by Zygmunt Miłoszewski

bookshelves: autumn-2015, poland, published-2007, translation, play-dramatisation, mystery-thriller

Recommended to Bettie☯ by: Isca Silurum
Recommended for: BBC Radio Listeners
Read from October 11 to 23, 2015


Description: Radio 4 continues its journey across Europe exploring the best contemporary literature. In this hugely successful Polish crime thriller, a long suffering State Prosecutor finds himself trapped in a post-Communist limbo land of half-truths and secrets. Will he prove himself to be a redoubtable seeker of the truth or will he compromise? A perplexing murder reveals tantalising glimpses of links to the old regime.

The writer Zygmunt Miloszewski is a leading Polish writer. The Teodor Szacki series is a best seller in Poland. Antonia Lloyd Jones is an award winning translator of Polish fiction and chair of the Translators Association. Dramatised for radio by the writer, critic and journalist, Mark Lawson.

About Reading Europe: Europe is central to our lives – we go on holiday to Europe, we do business in Europe, we watch in amazement as the various states try to grapple with migration in Europe. Over the next year or so we will be engaged in the debate as to whether or not we stay in Europe. But how much do we know this continent’s countries and, in particular, how much do we know about what they’re reading?

Over the course of two years, Reading Europe will travel from Calais to Istanbul. Through dramatisations, readings and essays, Reading Europe and Front Row will explore what Europe is writing, publishing and reading – and why.

Teodor Szacki…………….Bryan Dick
Olga Kuzniecow………….Christine Bottomley
Cezary Rudzki…………….David Crellin
Monika Grzelka/
Hanna Kwiatowska……..Rachel Austin
Barbara Jarczyk/
radio news reader………Alexandra Mathie
Euzebius Kaim……………Dermot Daly
Henryk Telak/
Father Pazcek……………Glenn Cunningham

Part 1/2: The Reflection Room: When Henryk Telak is found dead with a meat skewer in his eye during a Family Constellation Therapy weekend, State Prosecutor Szacki and his police colleague Olga, Kuzniecow, have to work together to deduce who killed the man and why. An apparent total absence of motive is compounded when attractive young news reporter Monika Grezlka, shows a more than professional interest in Szacki.


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