Notes from an Exhibition by Patrick Gale

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Read from August 30, 2014 to October 15, 2015
Description: When troubled artist Rachel Kelly dies painting obsessively in her attic studio in Penzance, her saintly husband and adult children have more than the usual mess to clear up. She leaves behind an extraordinary and acclaimed body of work – but she also leaves a legacy of secrets and emotional damage that will take months to unravel.

Opening: Rachel was woken by a painting or, rather, by the idea of one. Her first response on waking was anguish such as one felt when torn from any dreaming rapture and she shut her eyes again, breathing deeply in an effort to return to sleep at once and recapture the dream where she had left off. But she was awake and her brain was fizzing in a way that would have had Jack Trescothick testing her blood and reviewing her prescription had he known.

This didn’t resonate as much as I had hoped: a flatline 3 is all that it is worth.

4* A Perfectly Good Man
3* Notes from an Exhibition
WL A Place Called Winter


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