Inferno by August Strindberg

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Opening: With a feeling of wild joy I returned from the northern railway station, where I had said good-bye to my wife. She was going to our child, who was ill in a distant place. The sacrifice of my heart was then fulfilled. Her last words, “When shall we meet again?” and my answer, “Soon!” echoed in my ears, like falsehoods which one is unwilling to confess. A foreboding said to me “Never!” And, as a matter of fact, these parting words which we exchanged in November, 1894, were our last, for to this present time, May, 1897, I have not seen my dear wife again.

Misery, misogyny and absinthe, in equal measure.

“Madame Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine is plagiarised from all the so-called occult theories; it is a hash-up of all ancient and modern scientific heresies. Her book is worthless as regards her own presumptuous claims, interesting through its quotations from little-known authors, repellent through its conscious or unconscious fabrications regarding the Mahatmas. It is the work of a mannish woman, who, in order to put man to shame, undertook to overthrow science, religion, and philosophy, and to set a priestess of Isis on the altar of the Crucified.”

This one has been on my TBR mountain since I first moved north, felt it a duty to bone up on the literary side of things to see just what shapes a country’s psyche. This month is dedicated to chipping away some of the backlog and I am not unhappy to see this item off, yet the relief is short-lived because I am reminded that Swedenborg needs to be tackled at some point…

A month of Halloween 2015 reads:

#1: 3* Nobody True by James Herbert: fraudio
#2: 4* The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard: fraudio
#3: 1* Brain Child by John Saul: fraudio
#4: 3* Domain (Rats #3) by James Herbert: fraudio
#5: 3* The Mourning Vessels by Peter Luther: paperback
#6: 2* The Doom of the Great City: ebook short-story
#7: 5* Long After Midnight by Ray Bradbury: fraudio
#8: 5* The Dead Zone by Stephen King: fraudio
#9: CR The Chalice by Phil Rickman: hardback
#10: WL Seven Gothic Tales
#11: 4* Tales of Men and Ghosts by Edith Wharton: gutenberg
#12: 2* Shattered by Dean Koontz: fraudio
#13: 5* The Dunwich Horror – Lovecraft: gutenberg
#14: CR Death At Intervals by Saramago: paperback
#15: 3* Alone: gutenberg
#16: 3* The Shunned House: gutenberg
#17: 4* The Thing on the Doorstep: ebook
#18: 2* Shadows by Saul: fraudio
#19: CR Precious Cargo: paperback
#20: 2* The Magicians of the Golden Dawn: ebook
#21: 2* The Book of Black Magic: ebook
#22: 4* Beyond the Wall of Sleep: ebook
#23: 3* The Haunting of Hill House: film only
#24: 2* Inferno: gutenberg
#25: 4* The Monkey’s Paw: re-read: gutenberg


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