Long After Midnight by Ray Bradbury

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Read from April 08, 2009 to October 03, 2015

Description: In twenty-two stories of amazing range and variety, Ray Bradbury once again works his special magic, sounding out life’s mysteries in the past, present, and the future.

“The Blue Bottle”
“One Timeless Spring”

“The Parrot Who Met Papa”: amusing story with many lit references

“The Burning Man”
“A Piece of Wood”
“The Messiah”
“G.B.S.-Mark V”
“The Utterly Perfect Murder”
“Punishment Without Crime”
“Getting Through Sunday Somehow”
“Drink Entire: Against the Madness of Crowds”
“Interval in Sunlight”
“A Story of Love”
“The Wish”
“Forever and the Earth”
“The Better Part of Wisdom”
“Darling Adolf”
“The Miracles of Jamie”
“The October Game”
“The Pumpernickel”
“Long After Midnight”
“Have I Got a Chocolate Bar for You!”

From wiki: Several of the stories are original to this collection. Others originally appeared in the magazines Planet Stories, Collier’s Weekly, Playboy, Esquire, Welcome Aboard, Other Worlds, Cavalier, Gallery, McCall’s, Woman’s Day, Harper’s, Charm, Weird Tales, Eros, and Penthouse.

All round, a smashing encounter. Fully recommended.

Halloween 2015 reads:

#1: 3* Nobody True by James Herbert: fraudio
#2: TR The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard: fraudio
#3: AB Brain Child by John Saul: fraudio
#4: 3* Domain (Rats #3) by James Herbert: fraudio
#5: CR The Mourning Vessels by Peter Luther: paperback
#6: 2* The Doom of the Great City: ebook short-story
#7: 5* Long After Midnight by Ray Bradbury: fraudio
#8: The Dead Zone by Stephen King: fraudio
#9 The Chalice: hardback
#10 7 Gothic Tales: ebook

4* The Martian Chronicles
4* Fahrenheit 451

5* Dandelion Wine (Green Town, #1)
4* Something Wicked This Way Comes (Green Town, #2)

5* The Illustrated Man
TR I Sing the Body Electric! & Other Stories
4* The October Country
4* The Golden Apples of the Sun
3* A Sound of Thunder and Other Stories
4* Stories of Ray Bradbury
4* Death Is a Lonely Business
3* Farewell Summer
5* Long After Midnight
2* A Graveyard for Lunatics: Another Tale of Two Cities (Crumley Mysteries, #2)
TR Driving Blind
TR The Day It Rained Forever
3* The Fog Horn
4* Selected from Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed
3* Bradbury Thirteen
5* Fantastic Tales of Ray Bradbury
4* The Smile


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