City of Light by Kerstin Ekman

bookshelves: autumn-2015, translation, under-20, published-1983, women, sweden, getonwithit-already, slit-yer-wrists-gloomy, snoozefest, contemporary, paper-read, midlife-crisis

Recommended for: women’s studies students
Read from September 17 to 19, 2015
Description: Ann-Marie is a middle-aged woman returning from Portugal to the Swedish town in which she grew up in order to sell the old house she has inherited from her father. Memories of the past are everywhere, ensnaring her. She ends up staying in the house, alone with her memories of her father, an idiosyncratic character whom only she truly understood. She is also nervously awaiting the arrival of her daughter, and now realises that she has never really tried to understand her.

Opening: I am in the canopy of the linden and it is in bloom. It is late summer, the winds are heavy and warm. All I own is here with me. I have brought it to nourish me.

And here I am, at the fourth and final part of the Women and the City tetrology. It is, as far as I can tell, the late seventies because we hear about the Portuguese revolution, platform shoes and a new drug culture, and this book was published 1983. Of course, it is all misery on a stick and features some characters from the last book ‘Angel House’.

‘City of Light’ cannot be shelved as historical fiction because it is contemporous to the author. This series is interesting from the growth of women’s horizons perspective over a hundred years and the first two books were enjoyable to read, I really had to push myself to get through this last book.

Portugal 1974: The 25 April coup became known as the Carnation Revolution. It ended the longest dictatorship in Europe, the Estado Novo.

4* Blackwater
5* The Forest of Hours
3* The Dog
3* Under the Snow

4* God’s Mercy (The Wolfskin Trilogy, #1)

4* Witches’ Rings
4* The Spring
3* The Angel House
2* City of Light


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