A Severed Head by Iris Murdoch


Description: When Martin Lynch-Gibbon’s wife runs off with her analyst and his best friend, Palmer Anderson, the three characters attempt to behave in a civilised manner; but there is the matter of Martin’s mistress and Palmer’s sister to contend with and undoubtedly the thin veneer of civilisation will crack in Murdoch’s witty and wise story.

"You can recognise the people who live for 
others by the haunted look on the faces of
the others."

1/5: Satire on analysis as a group of over-cultivated characters swap partners.

2/5: With his wife having left him, how does he feel about his mistress, Georgie.

3/5: Martin is forced to explain his adultery to his adulterous wife and her lover.

4/5: Martin finds ever more enthralled to the goddess-like qualities of Honor Klein

5/5: the merry-go round of partner swapping comes grinding to a halt.

Très amusant. Set in 60s London, this was my first ever Murdoch back in the day…

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