Maxwell’s Ride

bookshelves: summer-2015, published-2000, series, skoolzy-stuff, amusing, cosy, britain-england, sussex, author-in-the-mirror

Read from July 31 to August 02, 2015

Read by………………. Peter Wickham
Total Runtime………. 8 hours 15 mins

Description: Peter “Mad Max” Maxwell’s two precocious nieces insist he takes them to a theme park. While riding the Wild Water, a passenger is killed in the float ahead, and Maxwell and the girls become eyewitnesses to murder. The dead man was an accountant working with CHARTS, a charity organisation sponsoring Leighford High School where Maxwell works. Mad Max delves into CHARTS and begins to unearth a complex web of murky secrets.

This is the one with a sniper, log flume, and Police Woman Carpenter becomes Jackie with a kiss.

Just as with teachers in real life, Maxwell’s patter is becoming repetitive and identical one-liners are cropping up book-to-book. It was the school nurse handing out morning-after pills that tuned me in to these mirrored phrases.

4* Maxwell’s House
3.5* Maxwell’s Flame
4* Maxwell’s Movie
3.5* Maxwell’s War
3* Maxwell’s Curse
3* Maxwell’s Ride


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