Sixty Degrees North: Around the World in Search of Home by Malachy Tallack

bookshelves: summer-2015, nonfiction, published-2015

Read from July 10 to 17, 2015

Description: Marking a borderland between ‘near’ and ‘far north’, the sixtieth parallel wraps itself around the lower reaches of Finland, Sweden and Norway; it crosses the tip of Greenland and of South Central Alaska; it cuts the great spaces of Russia and Canada in half. The parallel also passes through Shetland, at the very top of the British Isles.

Writer Malachy Tallack travelled to some of the places that share this latitude, beginning in Shetland, where he has spent most of his life. Wrestling with notions of home and belonging, he hoped that the journey would help him come to terms with his father’s untimely death. Focusing on the landscapes and natural environments of the parallel, and the way that people have interacted with those landscapes, Tallack explores themes of wildness and community, of isolation and engagement, of exile and memory.

Reader: Sandy Grierson
Writer: Malachy Tallack
Abridger: Laurence Wareing
Producer: Kirsteen Cameron.


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