The Cruel Way by Ella K. Maillart

bookshelves: under-50-ratings, published-1947, travel, summer-2015, paper-read, women

Recommended to Bettie☯ by: BrokenTune
Read from January 26 to July 13, 2015
Description: Once again Ella Maillart is on her way to Asia, but she is not alone. Christina, (real name Annemarie Schwarzenbach) a friend of Klaus and Erika Mann, accompanies her. She possesses exceptional charm and talent but she is a drug addict. Two courageous women, both highly original, find themselves in a difficult situation. An 18 hp Ford car takes the experienced travellers towards Afghanistan, via Istanbul, Trebizond, Tehran and Herat. They face checkpoints, poor roads, petty officials, crowds, deserts. Ella Maillart brings to her account her skill of precise observation, her taste for encounters and her affinity for the nomads, as well as her historical knowledge and the ethnological approach of a great Asia specialist.

To Christina
In Memorium

Opening:“If it’s not warmer tomorrow when I take you to the station, the car might easily break down: it can no longer cope with such frosts.”

Having read All the Roads Are Open, the other side of the coin, I must say that Maillart’s offering is to be preferred. I want to read the Silk Road one where Maillart goes drive about with Ian Fleming’s bro’.

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