Maxwell’s House by M.J. Trow

Read by…………….. Peter Wickham
Total Runtime……….. 8 hours 44 mins

Description: Two men had the job of tracing seventeen-year-old Jenny Hyde’s killer. One was Chief Inspector Henry Hall, an elitist cop of the old school, who was driving in one direction only – to the top. It was his job. His territory. The other was Peter Maxwell – “Mad Max” – widower, film buff, golden-hearted cynic, and bow-tied, eccentric teacher under suspension and suspicion. Maxwell didn’t have to become involved at all. But he was so involved he didn’t know how to get out. Jenny had been one of his students. Peter Maxwell was mad enough and determined to find her killer.

I am totally smitten with Maxwell, the fifty-two year old history teacher who wears pork-pie hat, bowtie and be-whiskered cheeks. The murder is mild, think Midsomer Murders. Ooopins of cultural references to make the reader feel well-read; throw in some staff-room politics, Trow’s penmanship and witty turn of phrase, and I have the prospect of a delightful new crime series.

This is the one with maximun moral turpitude.

4* Maxwell’s House


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