Our Lady of Pain (Edwardian Murder Mysteries #4)

Read by Davina Porter. 6 hours 32 mins

Description: Proper Edwardians Rose Summer and Capt. Harry Cathcart must contend with scandal and murder in their amusing fourth, and last, adventure from British author M.C. Beaton. When Harry is seen about London squiring Dolores Duval, a woman of ill-repute, Rose’s father calls off his daughter’s engagement to Harry and prepares once again to send Rose and her companion, Daisy, to India. Enraged, Rose confronts Duval and ends up threatening her—in a most unladylike manner—in front of numerous witnesses. Rose later has the misfortune of finding Duval’s body and is immediately implicated in the murder. As is their wont, Rose and Daisy go on the lam, much to the chagrin of the Summer family, Harry and Scotland Yard.

Overall, a fun, fluffy series, and each entry was six and a half hours long – just right.

3* Snobbery with Violence
3* Hasty Death
3* Sick of Shadows
3* Our Lady of Pain


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