Skeleton Hill (Peter Diamond, #10) by Peter Lovesey

bookshelves: summer-2015, mystery-thriller, published-2009, tbr-busting-2015, britain-england, bath, series

Read from June 07 to 09, 2015

Read by……………… Michael Tudor Barnes
Total Runtime……… 10 Hours 25 Mins

Description: Battle and burial are built into the history of Lansdown Hill near Bath, so it is no great shock when part of a skeleton is unearthed there. But Peter Diamond, Bath’s Head of CID, can’t ignore the fresh corpse found close to the folly known as Beckford’s Tower. The hill becomes the setting for one of the most puzzling cases he has investigated, involving golf, horseracing, Civil War re-enactment and the Cyrillic alphabet. Inevitably, Diamond butts heads with the group of vigilantes who call themselves the Lansdown Society, discovering in the process that his boss Georgina is a member. She resolves to sideline Diamond by sending him to Bristol and handing the skeleton investigation to his deputy, Keith Halliwell. Fortunately matters don’t pan out as Georgina plans…

Yet another change of narrator.

This is the one with golf humour, a headless corpse, Ukranian modern history, and Noddy.

Battle of Lansdowne 5 July 1643

3* The Last Detective (Peter Diamond, #1)
2* Diamond Solitaire (Peter Diamond #2)
3* The Summons (Peter Diamond #3)
3* Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond, #4)
3.5* Upon A Dark Night (Peter Diamond #5)
3.5* The Vault (Peter Diamond, #6)
3* Diamond Dust (Peter Diamond, #7)
3.5* The House Sitter (Peter Diamond, #8)
2.5* The Secret Hangman (Peter Diamond, #9)
3* Skeleton Hill (Peter Diamond, #10)


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