Young Widow by Clarissa Fairchild Cushman

bookshelves: film-only, summer-2015, published-1941, under-10-ratings

Recommended for: Laura, Wanda et al
Read from April 01 to June 03, 2015…

Description: During the two years that pretty, proud Joan Bainbridge was married to Barry Kenwood, she was not only his adored and adoring wife but carried on her own job as a laboratory technician with great skill. When Barry died, Joan went back to the ancestral estate in Virginia to live with her two elderly aunts. For two years, she merely existed, never able for long to forget Barry and their life together, never able to interest herself in another job or in any of the men who wanted to marry her.
Then Joan went to Baltimore to take another job, to enter again into the whirl of society, to try to find a promise for the future. Almost immediately she was besieged with suitors. There was young Dr. Connaghey who wanted her but was quite frankly not interested in marriage. There was serious Dr. Waring who had been Barry’s best friend. There was giddy, wealthy, charming Jim Cameron who started out to be a heel and greatly improved. There was Ginger, too young too irrepressible, and very lovable. There was even Dr. Grant, Joan’s boss, though his love was not revealed until the tragic accident that nearly caused his death.
Here, in a series of dramatic situations, is the story of an attractive widow who was made for marriage, who wanted to be married again but who refused to decided until she was completely sure. And here are the men who finally helped her choose.


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