The Wolf Border by Sarah Hall

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Recommended for: BBC Radio Listeners
Read from December 20, 2014 to May 31, 2015

Description: Sarah Hall’s new novel is a compelling story about personal and political borders – about power, land, family and love. At its heart is Rachel Caine, tough, untouchable, an expert on wolves, and long estranged from her home county of Cumbria and her fiery mother and lost brother. Like the wolves she protects and champions, she is wary of humanity, happy in the untamed wilderness.

Set against the dramatic and artfully drawn backdrops of the Lakeland fells and the towering ranges of Idaho, The Wolf Border explores issues of ownership and vested power, of re-wilding and of family as Rachel reaches a turning point in her life and learns that choice and change are possible.

1/10: The offer of a job from an eccentric Earl, whose plan is to reintroduce the Grey Wolf to England coincides with the chance to see her dying mother but is that enough to lure Rachel home?

2/10: Back in Idaho, Rachel faces a new and life-changing dilemma, which a message from home might help to resolve.

3/10: now employed on the Earl of Annerdale’s estate, it is time for Rachel to meet the staff, make up her team and reconnect with her brother. And she needs to make a fateful decision.

4/10: As the project gets underway, word reaches the local community and unleashes a backlash. Meanwhile Rachel has a lifechanging first encounter.

5/10: with the wolves bonding, the time is approaching for their release into the estate where they must mate to guarantee the success of the project. And Rachel has a new surprise.

6/10: the wolves are ready for their release into the enclosure on the Earl’s estate and Rachel is about to give birth.

7/10: As the wolves settle into their new home, Rachel is adjusting to new demands and relationships too.

8/10: Crisis and Success- Rachel’s brother reaches rock bottom while the birth of the pups ensures the survival of the wolf pack.

9/10: there are tensions in the air – and then comes the news that Rachel has feared and she must risk all

10/10: in the final episode, the chase extends northwards and a new future beckons.

Hall’s writing style is studiously perfect, self conscious even, yet sometimes, that aspect combined with a good storyline brings a great result, as with The Wolf Border. I loved the Scottish Referendum snippets.

3* Daughters of the North
3* Haweswater
4* The Wolf Border
4* Mrs Fox
2* The Strangers’ Will


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