Dragon Hunter: Roy Chapman Andrews & the Central Asiatic Expeditions

Description: Archaeology. Lavishly illustrated with original photographs from the expeditions—is a thrilling page—turner, an epic search for fossils cloaked in a sweeping historical narrative.

Opening: “I was born to be an explorer. There never was any decision to make. I couldn’t do anything else and be happy… The desire to see new places, to discover new facts – the curiosity of life always has been a restless driving force in me.”

The interest for me was seeing how the careers of Younghusband, Larsen, Hedin and Andrews crossed to a backdrop of history containing the Russo-Japanese war, Pu-yi (The Last Emperor), WW1, communist take over of Outer Mongolia. All this without me even mentioning the main purpose of the book, namely the dinosaurs.

A soupçon shy of 4*

The Blue Tiger, also know as the Maltese Tiger, is, as the name would suggest, a blue tiger that has historically been reported mainly in the Fujian area of China

The Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi desert discovered by Dr. Roy Chapman Andrews in 1923.

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