Last Detective by Peter Lovesey

Read by……………… Simon Prebble
Total Runtime……… 11 Hours 28 Mins

Description: Detective Superintendent Peter Diamond is the last detective: a genuine gumshoe, committed to door-stopping and deduction rather than fancy computer gadgetry. So when the naked body of a woman is found floating in the weeds in a lake near Bath with no one willing to identify her, no marks and no murder weapon, his sleuthing abilities are tested to the limit. Struggling with a jigsaw puzzle of truant choirboys, teddy bears, a black Mercedes and Jane Austen memorabilia, Diamond persists even after the powers-that-be have decided there’s enough evidence to make a conviction.

The opening scene has a cat-walking elderly lady (I imagined Margaret Rutherford) knocking on a door late evening – she has something to report.

Diamond is aged forty-one in this first book; it is explained that he gave up rugby eight years ago, at the age of thirty-three.

That was gentle, twisty fun. Obviously I’m not going to become a total Peter Diamond fan because of my interest and support for the forensic sciences, however if all the episodes are up to this standard, it looks an enjoyable series.

Bath Football Club is one of the oldest clubs in existence, having been founded in 1865 by members of Lansdown Cricket Club in Bath (founded 1825) for ‘something to do in the winter’

3* The Last Detective (Peter Diamond, #1)
3* Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond, #4)
3* Diamond Dust (Peter Diamond, #7)

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