English Fiction of the Victorian Period (Longman Literature in English Series) by Michael Wheeler

Description: Professor Wheeler’s widely-acclaimed survey of nineteenth century fiction covers both the major writers and their work and encompasses the genres and ‘minor’ fiction of the period. It provides the student with the best introduction and reference source to the period on the market. The second edition has been revised in the light of review comments and incorporates new material on lesser-known writers as well as a comprehensively updated bibliography.

Opening: PRE-VICTORIAN AND EARLY VICTORIAN FICTION: Fads and fashions: the sub-genres: Social and political historians of Britain, like historians of English literature, find the 1830s difficult to place. A decade of invention and reform, the 1830s mark the transition between the end of the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the Victorian Age.

The full five stars because this does everything I wanted it to. Text book quality that will probably be referred to often.

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