Diamond Solitaire by Peter Lovesey

Read by……………… Simon Prebble
Total Runtime……… 10 Hours 46 Mins

Description: Stripped of his Police rank, ex-detective Diamond is working as a Harrods’ rent-a-cop, until a young Japanese girl is found hiding in the store during his watch and he receives another pink slip. With time free, he investigates the identity of the youngster, now named Naomi, who remains silent and unclaimed. When she is abducted, Diamond traces her to New York and Japan where a Sumo wrestler agrees to bankroll the ex-copper’s highly unofficial investigation. Lovesey’s grip on the plot never loosens as Diamond, with gentle humor, bluffs his way past authorities by feigning a clout he no longer possesses. At the beginning of the book, a drug company is rocked by both the death of its president and an explosion at an Italian chemical plant. The ensuing corporate power struggle suggests to ever-observant organized crime factions that a buck might be made, and a murder is arranged. How this fits into the moving tale of the mute girl who draws diamonds on paper to symbolize her new friend is clarified only near the conclusion. It’s a powerful moment in a book that, without gimmickry or cross-genre splicing, delivers superb, unashamedly traditional crime writing.

No part of this story is the least part realistic which meant total immersion was impossible. That is not to say Diamond Solitaire was a total waste of time, there were redeeming sections, however overall, this wasn’t my cup of tea.

On an up-note, Prebble makes Diamond sound like Hoskins.

3* The Last Detective (Peter Diamond, #1)
2* Diamond Solitaire (Peter Diamond #2)
3* Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond, #4)
3* Diamond Dust (Peter Diamond, #7)

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