How to Grow Medical Marijuana by Todd McCormick

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Read from October 08, 2014 to April 29, 2015
Description: Treated for cancer 9 times before he was 10, the author learned early on the healing power of one of humanity’s oldest medical herbs. Now he shares with his fellow medical patients what he knows about cultivating this therapeautic plant.

‘All you need to know
are a few basics.
First, there are
male and female plants.
The substance that gives
marijuana its famous
psychoactive kick
is concentrated in the
flowers or buds of the females.
So when they’re old enough
to tell them apart,
kill the males.
Two, give your plants
plenty of light
and not too much water.’

ABCs News Special
“Pot of Gold”
1997, rebroadcast 1998

‘Make the most of the hempseed,
sow it everywhere.’


Opening: Marijuana is not physically addicting, nor does it kill like alcohol and cigarettes. While more than 100,000 people a year die
from legal prescription drugs, not a single person in recorded history has ever died from medical marijuana. When the safety record of marijuana is compared to other legal substances, medical marijuana prohibition makes no sense at all.

Annual drug and alcohol deaths in the United States:

Tobacco ……….450,000
Alcohol …..……100,000

After watching Melki’s attempt to read an unreadable book [insert] on this subject I thought I would test another.

Lucid, fascinating, thought-provoking.


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