Dusty Answer by Rosamond Lehmann

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Recommended to ☯Bettie☯ by: Laura
Recommended for: BBC Radio Listeners
Read from April 23 to May 03, 2015


Description: Rosamund Lehmann’s first novel Dusty Answer records the education of Judith Earle, the only child of an academic father and socialite mother. Judith grew up in the seclusion of a large riverside house in the Thames Valley. The house next door is occupied from time to time by the Fyfe family whose children – cousins Charlie, Roddy, Julian and Martin drift in and out of her life.

Part One sees Judith reminiscing about her childhood where the seeds of her strong friendship with the cousins are laid. Many years have passed and the cousins return in adolescence for an atmospheric day of skating on the pond.

Part Two. Judith realises the Fyfe cousins have returned to the house next door during a midnight swim in the river which joins both gardens . After days spent dancing, playing the piano and getting to know her neighbours again an unexpected telegram arrives form her mother in Paris.

Part Three. Judith arrives in Cambridge and can’t find her room. She wonders how she will settle down but soon meets fellow student Jennifer who is to become a great friend. During the winter snow, Roddy comes to visit …

Part Four Judith is invited to a picnic with Julian and Martin, and Roddy takes her for a trip in a canoe. Romance rears its head …but which of the cousins is it to be ?

Part Five. Whilst travelling in France with her mother, Judith meets up with Julian. They enjoy the French heat together until his sudden departure. Jennifer steps back into her life…

Pas de bas
Dosi do
Change your partner
There you go!

– Bettie

A book based on a square dance that comes full circle, penned contemporary to Bloomsbury Set, that circle who lived in squares and loved in triangles.

DUSTY ANSWER by Rosamund Lehmann dramatised by Lavinia Greenlaw
Narrator ….. Julia Hills
Judith ….. Rosina Carbone
Charlie ….. Jack Farthing
Martin ….. Oliver Gomm
Julian ….. Tom Ferguson
Gardener ….. Stephen Tomlin

TR The Weather in the Streets
4* The Echoing Grove
3* Dusty Answer

TR Rosamond Lehmann by Selina Hastings


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