The Man of Gold by H.R.F. Keating , Evelyn Hervey

Description: Harriet Unwin, that prim, proper Victorian nanny who first captivated mystery fans in The GOVERNESS, is back once again, this time trying to save her new employee from going to the gallows for poisoning his wicked, miserly, and mean-spirited father.

To Scotland Yard, it’s an open-and-shut case: at age thirty, the widowed Riochard Partington just finally gets sick of living like a pauper while knowing that the income from his father’s pin factory is more than enough for him and his twin daughters to live a life of luxury. So, according to police theories, the dastardly, money-hungry son begins spiking his father’s food and drink with small dashes of arsenic until the old man finally keels over and dies.

But Harriet Unwin is equally convinced the police are shutting the case on the wrong man.

Read by Sheila Mitchell. H R F Keating writing as Evelyn Hervey

Keating does a good line in short, fun mysteries which are simply perfect as background to real life.


Harriet Unwin Series:
3* The Governess
3* The Man of Gold
TR Into the Valley of Death

2* Inspector Ghote’s Good Crusade (Inspector Ghote, #2)
3* The Murder of the Maharajah (Inspector Ghote, #12)
2* Inspector Ghote’s First Case (Inspector Ghote, #25)


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