Island in the Sun by Alec Waugh

Description: Set on a fictitious island in the Carribean during colonial British rule, it focuses on the life of a young charismatic and handsome black male with political aspirations. He finds himself confused on returning home when his romantic liaison with a white female tends to conflict with his political views. As rumor has it an interracial screen kiss caused quite a commotion in the U.S. when the film was released. The plot is further strengthened by a look at the lives of a white ex-pat family also living on the island. The family has to deal with problems of infidelity, racism and murder.– Written by Warren D. Mottley…

On the surface it’s a halcyon soap opera, yet one doesn’t have to scratch very hard to see the real tensions of the place and time period. So take your pick, watch it for the fantastic scenery, the entangled love lives, and the music, or view with a mind to just what Waugh is trying to tell the public about changing times – what was once acceptable will no longer be so in the future and hurrah for it.

James Mason as Maxwell Fleury, the family’s son, who is a successful, but hot-tempered plantation owner.
Harry Belafonte as David Boyeur, a black politician representing the common people, who falls in love with Mavis Norman.
Joan Fontaine as Mavis Norman, an upper class white woman, who’s a member of the richest family on the island; also the lover of David Boyeur.
Joan Collins as Jocelyn Fleury, the alluring sister of Maxwell, who’s the romancer of Euan Templeton.
Dorothy Dandridge as Margot Seaton, the beautiful Indian drug store clerk, who is pursued by governor-aide, Denis Archer.
Michael Rennie as Hilary Carson, a retired war hero, who is assumed to be having an affair with Sylvia Fleury.
Patricia Owens as Sylvia Fleury, the wife of Maxwell, who Maxwell assumes is having an affair with Hilary Carson.
John Justin as Denis Archer, the governor’s aide, and the romancer of Margot Seaton.
Stephen Boyd as Euan Templeton, the governor’s young son, who’s also courting Jocelyn Fleury.
Diana Wynyard as Mrs. Fleury, the mother of Maxwell and Jocelyn, who’s hiding things from her children.
Basil Sydney as Julian Fleury, the husband of Mrs. Fleury and father of Maxwell and Jocelyn, who also is hiding things.
John Williams as Colonel Whittingham, the head of police, who investigates Hilary Carson’s murder.
Ronald Squire as Governor Templeton, the governor of the island, and Euan’s father.
Hartley Power as Bradshaw, an American journalist visiting Santa Marta.

Harry Belafonte – Island In The Sun


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