Gertrude Jekyll by Sally Festing

Iron Lane, Bramley

Description: In this remarkable biography, Sally Festing shows us how impressions of Gertrude Jekyll have become distorted in the popular imagination: how her real contribution to garden design is underrated, especially the profound influence she was to have upon the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. The plain, myopic figure who stares sternly from Victorian photographs was, the author suggests, altogether more complicated, abrasive, autocratic, impatient, fun-loving, and lovable than she has ever been made out to be. An illuminating portrait of a formidable and admirable woman.

Opening: A sturdy little girl stands in Green Park clutching a mop-headed dandelion.

What is going on with the strapline here on grramazon: ‘2a Biography’.

Too dry to read, I skimmed. Wouldn’t mind a bio of Edwin Lutyens as a contrast, although not from this particular stable. The following pictures are not from this book

Gertrude Jekyll (1843-1932) was not just a gardener. She was an artist, photographer, designer and social historian whose work was highly regarded.

I adore this one of Algiers by Jekyll, The next one here is also Algiers:


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