Our Friend the Dog by Maurice Maeterlinck

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Recommended for: Dog lovers
Read from July 16, 2014 to March 30, 2015
Seated, left to right: Feliz Le Dantec, Emile Verhaeren, Francis Viele-Griffen, Henri-Edmond Cross, Andre Gide, Maurice Maeterlinck.
– Theo van Rysselberghe ‘The Reading’ 1903

Description: This volume presents the sad, but intriguing tale of Pelleas, Mr. Maeterlinck’s young bulldog, who had recently passed away at the tender age of six months. The author gives an insight into the being of his dog and explains the saying that the dog is man’s best friend. Illustrated.


Opening: I have lost, within these last few days, a little bull-dog. He had just completed the sixth month of his brief existence. He had no history. His intelligent eyes opened to look out upon the world, to love mankind, then closed again on the cruel secrets of death.

The friend who presented me with him had given him, perhaps by antiphrasis, the startling name of Pelléas. Why rechristen him? For how can a poor dog, loving, devoted, faithful, disgrace the name of a man or an imaginary hero?

Read once waay back when – 2015 is a re-read.


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