Ludwig the Second King of Bavaria by Clara Tschudi

Opening: Descent and Education: At the birth of Ludwig II., enigmatic as he was unfortunate, of whom I propose to give a sketch, his grandfather, the eccentric Ludwig I., was still King of Bavaria. His father, Maximilian Joseph, was the Crown Prince. The latter had wedded, in 1842, the beautiful Princess Marie of Prussia, who was only sixteen years of age at the time of her marriage, her husband being twenty years her senior.

Lola Montez (1847), painted by Joseph Karl Stieler for Ludwig I of Bavaria and his Schönheitengalerie

Nymphenburg schloss

Schloss Hohenschwangau

Ludwig II with Richard Wagner, the composer of Lohengrin and many other romantic operas, at the piano

König Ludwig II. und Richard Wagner beim Lohengrinfest auf dem Alpsee

Austro-Prussian War 1866

A short history but all over the place timewise. I do so prefer my histories to be temporally linear in nature. But Hey Ho, I did learn some interesting ::stuff:: here, and had it underlined once more that European Royal Houses were awash in dysfunctional parenting stratagems which surely added to the chance of madness in later life.

Poor sad brothers were Otto and Ludwig.

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