Now why the leprechaun didn’t someone mention that there is a film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8-e-…

Sheesh – I cite Stockholm Syndrome. My fourth encounter has me recognising and chuckling along, thinking how fecking clever the damn thing is! I am going to have to give myself a good long talking to.

Barbara Jefford as Molly Bloom and Milo O’Shea as Leopold Bloom in Ulysses (1967). Photograph: Ronald Grant Archive

 photo intercession_zps61852b7e.jpg

I am going to attempt this again – starting tomorrow on Radio 4. My original rating is a 1* and room 101, so let’s see if I can get more out of it through the BBC.

Don’t hold your breath though.

ETA: Flister Lisa gives a link on how to pretend you have finished Ulysses: http://anzlitlovers.com/tag/ulysses-d…

That will come in very handy, thanks!

Right here we go:

Blurb:‘Stately plump’ Buck Mulligan calls Stephen Dedalus to the top of the Martello tower overlooking Dublin Bay – and so begins James Joyce’s celebrated account of the 16th June 1904. The combined stories of Stephen and Leopold Bloom as they meander through the city.

In a landmark project a new dramatisation of Ulysses is broadcast across one day – morning, afternoon and evening. With live commentary from Mark Lawson, broadcasting from Dublin. Dramatised by Robin Brooks.

Narrator…Stephen Rea
Stephen Dedalus…Andrew Scott
Malachi ‘Buck’ Mulligan…Kevin Trainor
Haines…Harry Livingstone
Mary Dedalus…Janet Moran
Young Man…Ronan Raftery

Singer Daire Halpin
Pianist Colin Guthrie
Produced and Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Executive Producer Claire Grove

(Ulysses chapter ‘Telemachus’).

NEW: Gallery


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