Free at Last! Diaries 1991-2001 by Tony Benn

bookshelves: spring-2015, fraudio, epistolatory-diary-blog, published-2002

Read from August 12, 2014 to March 07, 2015
Description: The late politician Tony Benn was famous as a diarist, and although far to the left of his party, was totally committed to Parliamentary democracy. A wonderful observer of people and events, these 5 extracts from his diaries, read by Benn himself, cover his final years as an MP.

Regardless of your political views, these make for fascinating listening, with Benn’s wonderful use of words, suggesting that he could have been a great writer rather than an indifferent politician.

The nearest encounter with TWB was in Durham 2002, whilst waiting for the bands and tapestry carriers to pass so I could get over to the book-crammed charity shop on the other side of the road. He sat back in one of those slow-driven big-windowed black cars doing wrist rotations towards the crowds, then delivered me a hammy, huge slow wink.

I didn’t like his politics but he does seem to have been a great grandfather and loving husband.


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