The Third Life of Per Smevik by O.E. Rølvaag

Description: This touchingly humorous novel concerns a young man who leaves his home and country to make a new life for himself in America. As he adjusts to a new language and new customs, he also goes from boyhood to manhood and acquires a rare understanding of himself and others. Per Smevik is an astute observer and sensitive reporter of life in America at the turn of the century, of the immigrant’s experience, and, in the memorable story of his third life, of the tragicomical aspects of every man’s life.


Clarkfield, South Dakota,
August 26, 1896

Here I am at last! And now I must try to write.

A quick read of some fictional letters from a raw Norwegian lad newly ensconced in a Victorian-era farming community in Dakota.

Not recommended. Perhaps I will get more out of Their Fathers’ God, however I am not impressed with the writing skills of this slim volume. Eek!

2* The Third Life of Per Smevik
TR Their Father’s God


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