Rasputin His Malignant Influence and his Assassination

** spoiler alert ** Thanks for adding this one to the database Susanna. I am impressed that you found out the 1927 date for first publication in Russian, I went searching for that but must have been looking under the wrong stones.

The first shelf title I add is ‘dodgy narrator’ :OD

The translation here is made by Youssopoff’s friend, the English spy Oswald Rayner, M.A. BARRISTER-AT-LAW. It is now thought that Rayner fired the third shot into Rasputin’s forehead, which was the mortal wound.

Canvas cover
21 chapters
Appendix: The Manifesto announcing the abdication of the Emperor Nicholas II, and the Emperor’s farewell message to the troops.

Opening – THE whole country was seething with indignation while Rasputin, like a dark shadow, stood near the throne.

Too difficult to score this. Interesting read and would be more than willing to discuss this with others who chance upon it.

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