History of the Highland Clearances by Alexander Mackenzie

Foreword by John Prebble

The author: Alexander Mackenzie, FSA Scot (1838 – 22 January 1898) was a Scottish historian, author, magazine editor and politician. He was born on a croft, in Gairloch. In 1869 he settled in Inverness, where he later became an editor and publisher of the Celtic Magazine, and the Scottish Highlander. Mackenzie wrote numerous clan histories. He was a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. In 1894, the Gaelic Society of Inverness elected Mackenzie as an ‘Honorary Chieftain’.

Opening: Donald Macleod’s “Gloomy Memories,” originally appeared as a series of letters in the Edinburgh Weekly Chronicle.

“‘The clergy also, whose duty it is to denounce the oppressors and aid the oppressed, have all, the whole seventeen parish ministers in Sutherlandshire, with one exception, found their account abetting the wrong-doers, exhorting the people to quiet submission…’ Excerpt taken from Letter II”

Infinitely sad.

Excellent additional resource for serious investigation of the subject.


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