The Tudor Wench by Elswyth Thane

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Recommended to ☯Bettie☯ by: Susanna – Censored by GoodReads
Read from January 20, 2009 to February 07, 2015
Description: A novel about Elizabeth I

Opening: SHE smoothed the pale blue silk of her dress with anxious finger-tips, pressing firmly with her thumb where a small loop of gilt braid hung loose. She was to have had a new dress weeks ago, but the King had forgotten again, and this one had been let down and faced back with a strip cut from an old blue petticoat of Mary’s.

Apparently there is a Ben Webb play based on this book but it doesn’t appear to have been made into a film.

"O my heart and O my heart
My heart it is so sore;
Since I must needs
from my love depart
And know no cause wherefore."
- Henry VIII

My 1933 hardback copy is very delicate. Withdrawn from Scarborough Public Libraries.

Not every time does my forward planning work out, but it did this time. Left the last couple of chapters for late Saturday evening not knowing that I would have visited Charles Manson beforehand. What a charming palate cleanser this was, and although some would see the style as simplistic, it was just the ticket.



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