The Lodestar by Pamela Belle

Description: For Christie Heron, ruthles ambition is the lodestar of his destiny.

Determined to break free from his humble origins in the border country of Northumbria, he enlists in the household of Richard of Gloucester, rising with his lord to the dangerous pinnacles of power.

Tangled in Richard’s web of treason and tragedy, Christie learns the full price that his destiny demands, Meg his beloved sister and only friend, rejects him. Julian, daughter of a knight of Oxfordshire, bears him undying enmity.

And the long shadow of the Welsh adventurer Henry Tudor falls dark over Bosworth Field….

Opening: ‘You can’t marry him!’

The statement, thick with appalled disbelief, was perhaps louder and more forceful than the speaker had intended, but had no more effect on the girl at the window than it had on the threadbare, faded arras hanging that disguised the rough stone walls of the room where they stood.

The history of these times is just so full of gaspable moments that a fictional account would have to work hard to compete. Belle’s ‘The Lodestar’ has a lot going for it in the shape of Kit, yet ultimately, I prefer non-fiction of the Wars of the Roses rather than some of the outlandish suppositions doing the rounds.



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