As Time Goes

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Recommended to ☯Bettie☯ by: Laura
Read from December 08, 2014 to January 28, 2015

Series 1 Episode 1 of 7: Former sweethearts Jean and Lionel meet up again after many years, but true love fails to rekindle.

Episode 2 of 7: Jean and Lionel visit old haunts in the country, but fail to recapture the past.

Episode 3: Lecturing in Norwich, Lionel stays with an old girlfriend. But Jean turns up unexpectedly.

Episode 4: Jean’s daughter Judith begins to fall for Lionel. But Lionel’s publisher Alistair begins to fall for Jean.

5/7 Complications ensue when Judith’s plan to leave Lionel and Jean on their own goes wrong.

6/7 Lionel and Jean visit her sister-in-law, but are less than frank about their romantic past.

7/7 Lionel invites Jean to share a cruise with him, but is puzzled when she resists his invitation.

Starring Judi Dench as Jean and Geoffrey Palmer as Lionel. With Jon Glover and Simon Greenall.
Adapted from his original television series by Bob Larbey. Produced by Martin Fisher.
First broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in March 1997

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